About Us

A family run business based in London, Ontario, making gourmet bronze extruded pasta, Peretti Pasta is named in honour of our Grandmother. The daughter of fine Italian immigrants to France, she married a decorated Polish soldier at the end of WWII. She was known for her diverse cooking and hospitality, sophisticated taste and exquisite picnics.

Our commitment is first to quality and flavour, just like Nonna would expect. Quality takes time!

Our Flour

Peretti Pasta is made with durum semolina flour stone-milled in Italy from a combination of Canadian and European grains. Stone milling is a superior time-tested process which helps retain all the micro and macro elements of the grain. The result is a higher protein product that holds all of its natural nutrients and minerals, is easily digested with reduced glycemic spikes for better blood sugar levels. No heavy bloated stomachs here! 

Bronze Drawn

Our pastas are extruded through bronze dies. Pasta drawn through these bronze dies moves through the machine at a slower speed giving the pasta a rougher texture to the final product helping sauces coat the pasta on your plate more uniformly. Compare this with industrial pasta which is run through teflon dies for faster production making them smooth and unable to hold sauce. More sauce per bite? That’s something to get behind.

Slow Drying

Slow dried means simpler cooking, better taste, easier digestion and a healthy product. Slow drying is what sets apart our artisanal pasta from industrial store bought.

Peretti Pasta is dried slowly over 24-36 hours resulting in a less constricted gluten mesh that more evenly absorbs water in the cooking process making a satisfying al dente moment when blended with your sauce. You get a better creamier pasta creating an amazing luxuriant texture.

By contrast, industrially made pastas are dried quickly at high temperatures causing starch proteins to be tighter lessening absorption during cooking. The result? A lower quality pasta with a rubbery texture, poorer flavour and little nutritional value which is harder to digest.

We know our extra care and time is worth it. Your family deserves the best!

Behind The Peretti Name

Peretti Pasta is named in honour of our founder’s Grandmother. The daughter of an Italian immigrant to France, she married a decorated Polish soldier at the end of WWII. She was known for her diverse cooking and hospitality for the masses, sophisticated taste, and her exquisite picnics.

Pictured is Renée Peretti as a child with her father Alfredo Peretti, and her grandfather Augusto Peretti at left.