Unlocking Perfection: The Art of Pasta

At Peretti Pasta, we understand the importance of quality ingredients and processes to create pasta that truly stands out. We focus on 3 key processes that we believe are key to making the best pasta: stone-milled flour, extrusion through bronze dies and a slow drying process. We don’t take any shortcuts when it comes to producing the best pasta we can.  In a world where everything moves so fast, we slow it down because quality and flavour cannot be rushed.  

Stone milling is an old process that grinds the wheat gently, preserving its full flavour profile. The result is pasta that’s rich, nutty, and aromatic. It’s like a flavour explosion in every bite. The gradual grinding process of stone milling creates a flour with consistent particle size – our pastas use a combination of coarse grain and fine grain (rimacinata – or ‘remilled’ meaning it has been twice milled for a very fine almost velvety texture) durum semolina to achieve a pasta that cooks evenly and has that perfect al dente texture, every time. 

Creating great pasta isn’t just about great ingredients; it’s how they are processed. Peretti Pasta uses bronze dies for extrusion because of the texture they impart to each noodle.  Working with bronze dies is slower than extruding through their teflon counterparts, but the benefit is the texture it imparts to the outside of the pasta – it gives a rough texture that sauces cling to.

At Peretti Pasta, we believe that great things are worth waiting for which is why we dedicate the time to dry our pasta slow at low temperatures.  The slow drying process allows the pasta to retain its flavour – it doesn’t deteriorate the grain or its nutrients. Slow drying also prevents the pasta from becoming brittle or grainy. Instead, it maintains its structure, resulting in that satisfying chewiness and perfect bite. Because of how the gluten network arranges itself when the pasta is allowed to dry slowly, it results in a much creamier texture after that initial al dente bite.  It also means that our pasta is less prone to sticking together during and after cooking. 

Our dedication low impact processes also makes the pasta easier to digest.  Many people with gluten intolerance do not have the same issues eating our pasta.  Whether you’re creating a quick weeknight dinner or preparing a special meal for friends and family, you can trust Peretti Pasta to deliver a pasta experience that is second to none – savour the flavours, embrace the texture, and know that you’re enjoying pasta crafted with a passion for tradition and a commitment to excellence. Experience the difference for yourself.

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